Boot Camp
Wednesday, June 19, 2019

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." (John 8:32)

BOOT CAMP 2019 Series
NEXT DISCIPLESHIP BOOT CAMP LIVE CLASS-- Saturday, June 15, 2019-- 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.-- Greek/Hebrew Word Study Lab
February 1 - May 26

Session 1: "Understanding the Nature and Importance of Salvation"
February 4 - March 2

Session 2: "How to Grow Spiritually"
March 4 - March 16

Session 3: "Understanding the Church"
March 18 - March 30

Session 4A: The Holy Spirit
April 1 - April 13

Holy Week -- No Sessions
April 15 - April 20

Session 4B: "The Holy Spirit"
April 22 - May 4

Session 5: "A Giving Church"
May 6 - May 25

Session 6: Walking in Prosperity
May 27 - June 15

Session 7: "Understanding the Call to Discipleship"
June 17 - June 29

Session 8: "Evangelism: The Supreme Ministry of the Church"
July 1 - August 3

Summer Break - Meditations Only Through Labor Day, Monday September 2, 2019 Boot Camp Lessons Resume Tuesday, September 3, 2019
August 4 - September 2

Session 9: "Worship as Jesus Taught"
September 3 - September 28

Session 10: "Discipleship Ministry"
September 30 - October 26

Final Boot Camp 2019 "Live" Class: Sat. 10/26/19- 8:15 a.m.-noon. (Glenn Dale Campus)
October 25 - October 26

Reid Temple AME Church
Boot Camp Discipleship Class
of 2018

"O sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things." (Psalms 98:1)

Welcome To Our New Disciples
Sis. Jenise Anthony

Sis. Cassandra D. Belfield

Sis. Sharon Chatman

Sis. Angela Chavis

Sis. Shands Dillard

Sis. Janice Dougherty

Sis. Darlene Dunham

Sis. Awilda M. Euill

Sis. Olumide Fagbohunka

Sis. Wendy Fredericks

Bro. Don Habersham

Sis. Joyce Hall

Sis. Octavia D. Jackson

Sis. Loreen Jones

Sis. Irene Judkins

Sis. Loistene Lassiter

Sis. Charlene Lathers

Sis. Margaret LoHing

Sis. Clara McCargo

Sis. Jamilah McDonald

Sis. Brenda McLee

Sis. Consuela McGill

Sis. Regina McGill

Sis. Maedean Menton

Sis. Cheryl Merriman

Sis. Danielle Miller

Sis. Susan Mooring

Sis. Loretta Niblack

Rev. Michael Paige

Sis. Claudette Proctor

Sis. Karen Reed

Sis. Regina Robinson

Sis. Deidre Rountree

Bro. Lawrence Sampson

Sis. Regina Smith

Sis. Geraldine (Gina) Stephens

Sis. Yvonne Stewart

Sis. Kesha Taylor

Sis. Sharon Taylor

Sis. Gloria Thomas

Sis. Lydia Williams

Sis. Sarah Williams

Sis. Mary Woodard

Sis. Tina Michelle Woodbury


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